Wednesday, June 30, 2010

News 6/30/10

We are extremely sorry to everyone for the major lack of blog content lately. Well as far as Throwaway of the Day goes it's good that we haven't had much to throwaway sense we ran out of what we had. That means we are stacking hard! Once again we are very sorry and we will be posting again more frequently from now on no matter what it is we may have to post to keep it up. Tell all your homies to check up on the blog again.

Also we will be printing our first tees really soon. This package we get will be for the riders only and close homies in the crew. We will print a larger package a little later for everyone to buy at a real cheap cost!! So we will keep you all posted on that as it comes to form.

We have also been talking a bit about throwing together a teaser video. It may not be for a few more months but we will have one soon enough. We have been working on title names and a basic theme for the video also and it is coming to together super sick so we are hyped on that!!

Keep checking back with us here on the blog daily for new content!!

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