Friday, June 4, 2010

Gainesvillian Invasion!

Our Gainesville homies Erik Knudsen, Dante Debose, & Luis Jaramillo came into town for the Memorial weekend. The first night we lit up the infamous Biker Ledge & the Bridge Spot. After filming & shooting some photos, Nathan & Ricky witnessed a drunk lady go off the road & knock down a light pole. They stopped to check on her and she asked them to help her elude the authorities. After a big "Hell no", the cops showed up. Long story short, it was certain she was going to jail as she was freaking out while they interviewed her. The next day we manage to avoid all the rain & Dante got a clip at BJ's & then we finished the day with a Eastwood Sesh. All in all it was good times with good friends. We hope you guys come back real soon.

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