Monday, July 4, 2011

David Morefield Photo!

This past Saturday Me & The Morefield Bros headed out to Orlando to meet up with Evan, Lanky, Ben, & some Gainesville homies. We met up at Howard, the usual spot where you go to get rid of some serious car legs. By the time we had arrived Lanky had already filmed a good line with Evan. Ben arrived & we got artsy shooting vintage 35mm pics. Made our way to the parking garage gap where Lanky had some unfinished business but his business was left still unfinished after snapping his 3rd board after 3 different attempts. With no back up or gas money they decided to head back to Brevard. Found out that the Gainesville heads weren't leaving there till late so we decided to make our way to Lakeland where we have been having some good luck lately. Our luck continued as David who was hurt so bad that he didn't even bring his board got this photo & a clip using my board without a problem. The rest of the crew stacked some clips & then we were out.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Goodbye To A Legend.

All of us from Commit Or Quit would like to pay our respects to Will Durham who has passed away today. Will was a genuine person who treated you with respect no matter who you were. He loved skateboarding & gave a lot back to it over the years. The Orlando skate scene will truly never be the same without him. Rest in Peace my friend!