Monday, January 31, 2011

Orlando Trip 1/29/11

This past Saturday The crew split up with some of us heading north to Gainesville & the rest of us headed over to Orlando for the day. I'm sure Scott will report on here how things went up in Gainesville but this write up is about our trip to Orlando which consisted of Tyson Stripling, Jonathan Hadley, Stephen Oliveira, & Myself. We warmed up at a perfect ledge spot where Jonathan came up on a line. Tyson had a pretty bangin' line but unfortunately it didn't come together with last trick which he was trying to learn while filming. Don't worry Tyson! We'll go back & you'll get it man! We then went to the infamous Gateway Ledges where normally we get sucked into a black hole & then half the day is gone. Jonathan had a sick line worked out but the second I went to get my camera out & setup a random Orange County Public Schools security officer pulls up & gave us the boot. Guess it was just fate. Jonathan was dying to switch flip the Oak Grove Dub Set so we made sure he got what he wanted & he not only got it with ease, but also got two angles & an awesome photo with Stephen. Ben Eubank & crew met up there then we made our way to this bank to wall spot. Ben got a switch backside wallride then we were out to this gnarley ditch spot. The ditch spot dished out a lot of punishment so we decided to finish out the day in Downtown. Ben got a line at D-Block then I had to call it quits after a bad head cold started to get the best of me. Tyson says it was from the Baconator I had for dinner. Haha! Thanks Stephen for shooting the photos below!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shane's " My Mustache" song!

Shane Kassin showing off his impressive singing & dancing skills with his backup dancer Jon Cornell & Me on the guitar as he sings about his mustache, cardboard kitties, & dancing.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Screen Grab Somedays - Orlando Trip 1/21/11

Here are some screen grabs from filming in Orlando yesterday. Overall it was fun day of new friends, new tricks, & new spots. Only bummer was Jon Cornell & Clive getting robbed of some good tricks & Mat Call tweaking his knee trying to half cab a manly sized gap with horrible landing.

Mat Call making the impossible, possible.
This guy joined our crew for awhile & entertained us with ability to sing Offspring songs & his awesome skateboarding skills.
Shane Kassin throwing down bangers at this perfect rail spot.
Scott Kramer protecting his young.
Clive giving one of his pep talks which would of worked if Shane wasn't thinking about his rabbits.

Throwaway of the Day 1/23/11 - Cj Dixon

Cj Dixon

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Throwaway of the Day 1/9/11 - Tyson Stripling

Tyson Stripling

Getting Busy!

Only going into the 2nd week of the new year & we've gotten off to great start. Everyone has been consistantly stacking plus we were able to clean out the Rockledge Ditch which we'll have some photo's of that to post on here soon. Here's a couple shot's from this weekend of David Morefield doing what he does best...killing it!

Pivot Fakie

Back Tail to gnarliness out

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year...Old Photos

Random photos from 2010!

R.I.P. 520 Bridge Spot

Ricky snipe'n!

Clive knows which direction the beach is.

Anderson liked this spot...not really.

DVX vs. VX

Mat lost this one & had to be the trunk bitch.

Mat liberates a ledge down south.

S.S. Commit or Quit

Throwaway of the Day 1/3/11 - Tyson Stripling