Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekend Rundown

Ricky, Evan, Nathan and Cj went over to Orlando this weekend to stack. The mission ended up real good we got two runs and a hammer. We found a new spot that is crispy clean and Ricky got two major lens hits with in 2 minutes of each other to break in the session. Here are a couple screen grabs and pics from the trip.

the spot we found
Cj throwing down hammers with three+ angles

Evan showed us some ballerina moves

Super hard lens hit

Less hard but still hard lens hit #2


  1. It was actually 1 longlens, 1 fisheye, & Ricky filming filler to go with the clip. - Nathan

  2. don't make the video TOO epic, dude!

    and i'm being kind of serious, here. too much slow-mo/double angle stuff makes videos blow--think how shitty all the transworld videos are. i trust your judgment!

  3. OH--and do you guys happen to have that old clip of shawn, at the 8th ave kink ledge in gainesville? he ends the line with a back 5-0 180 out. if you guys have the line, that'd be AMAZING, since i'm not going to be able to film with shawn much for mandi-claw 2.

    thanks dudes! post more throwaway clips, they're always amazing!

  4. Yeah I got two clips of Shawn from that day. Your welcome to have them. Hit me back with your email & I'll send them to you. - Nathan