Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cops and Robbers

We went over to Orlando to film with Kass and Shane on Sunday. Here is a shot Ricky took of filming Kass sticking a Flick Noseslide at "AB8". Well he never got the chance to actually land it because we got kicked out by the cops. To make a long story short we didn't get trespassed but we're not going back because we'd rather not get a felony charge for being on a construction site or charged for breaking an entry. They have Nathans name and plate number now too.

Also AB8 is not exactly an accurate name for the building because the cop told us it was a Navy barracks that was condemned. So I guess the name for it should really be NB8. Anyway Kass stuck this trick at least 3 times but got robbed on the roll away. To bad the cop couldn't catch the robber!


  1. Cover Shot haha... Shit man i wish he could of stuck that man. That place was mad skecth dude and creppy.

    Thanx for taking me along for the ride dudes you guys are some ill sherders. am out Desmin Dallas the kid u guys took with u.

  2. Thanks allot Desmin, hopefully we will run into you again one day!