Friday, April 2, 2010

Future Tee

These are the designs for the future Commit or Quit tee. We will be selling them and with every purchase of one the Commit or Quit DVD will come with it for free. We will be printing a handful of them soon for our crew to repp in the streets. The rest will be sold when the DVD is closer to being complete. We hope you enjoy the designs and will want to rock one. We chose to put the big focus chart on the back and to make the tee white because photography and videography are huge in skateboarding now a days and how awesome would it be to have you and your boys on the spot with a perfect focus chart and white balance reference all on one back!!

Front design
Commit or Quit Tee Design

Back design

Close shot of the reflection in the lens (this is just for a better blog reference)

Front tee preview

Back tee preview

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